PlatteForum’s NEW Programming with The Temple

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Introducing PlatteForum’s new series of events, which promote an equitable society by challenging injustice and valuing diversity through art.

We are proud to be the anchor agency of The Temple, a contemporary artists’ haven in the River North Art District of Denver, home to more than 30 professional artists and creative businesses. We pair-up creatives and studio artists from The Temple with the rabble-rousing change agents of our great city to show how we can make socially just communities.

Generously supported by the Bonfils Stanton Foundation


6:30pm, Tuesday April 25th
Temple Artist Resident George P. Perez and local change agent Ed Wood, Urban Planner
Starting in 2015, photographer George P. Perez began the task of documenting the 10,347 trees in the Five Points neighborhood, photographing each one in a project titled Allée or Alley or Whatever. Flash back to the life story of Ed Wood, a 92 year old urban planner and WW2 veteran, who can speak first-hand about the changes that have occurred to his neighborhood, Five Points.

6:30pm, Tuesday May 2nd
Temple Artist Resident Katie Caron and local change agents, Ann Cunningham, tactile artist and teacher at the Colorado Center for the Blind and artist Nathan Abels.
Learn how tactile art can serve those who are blind or visually impaired. In 2016, students from the Arapahoe Community College teamed-up with the Colorado Center for the Blind to create art that addresses the sensory experience that art can offer. Artists and Professors Katie Caron and Nathan Abels will discuss how their classes created the exhibition Shared Visions for the Arapahoe Community College Center for the Blind.

6:30pm, Tuesday May 16th
Temple Baker Eden Myles and local artist/writer Will Meier
Artists Eden Myles and Will Meier present a one-time-only performance: an improvisational, layered dialogue on the many ways chess can represent life, art, business – everything. All this while playing a ruthless game, each player budgeting their time on the chess clock. This event is supported by an American Sign Language interpreter.



A large-scale installation, featuring the work of Temple Artist Residents Xavian Lahey, Alexander Page and Kahlil Zawadi with guest artist Zachary Barnes-Fagg.
Storeroom explores the aesthetic and marketing politics found in display modes of the common store. In this gallery-turned-grocery store exhibition, viewers find themselves shopping for products that fulfill their own needs in a space which ultimately unites strangers.
Opening Reception 6-10pm, Friday June 2nd
Show runs through Saturday, June 17th
Gallery Hours Tuesday – Saturday, noon-6pm

Join us for an evening exploration and conversation and be sure to look for announcements on upcoming events in this series!