303 ArtWay Call for Artists: NOW CLOSED

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303 ArtWay Call for Artists: 40th & Colorado A­-Line Station Temporary Public Art Project

Budget: Up to $30,000 (all­ inclusive budget)
Deadline: 5:00PM Sunday, July 10th, 2016 NOW CLOSED

Applicants are encouraged to visit the site with the Project Team on either 4pm Tuesday, June 21st or 4pm Thursday June 23rd. The group will meet in the station parking lot on 42nd and Jackson St.

The Urban Land Conservancy (ULC), PlatteForum and Northeast Transportation Connections are soliciting a local artist or artist team to participate in developing and implementing a creative, short-term, physical installation near the new RTD 40th & Colorado Station that cultivates collaborative and community-driven engagement. This call is open to Denver artists, with preference towards North Park Hill and Elyria Swansea artists. This placemaking project should create a unique and culturally relevant art installation on public land, which may be visible from the commuter rail line. The temporary installation will mark the new gateway to NE Park Hill and Elyria ­Swansea as a part of the ArtPlace-America-­funded 303 ArtWay and will celebrate Denver’s only remaining predominantly African-American neighborhood. The commission amount is up to $30,000, which is all­-inclusive and includes engineering, etc. This project is sponsored through Denver Arts & Venues’ P.S. You Are Here grant, along with contributions from ArtPlace America.

About the 303 ArtWay
The 303 ArtWay is an exciting new catalyst for Denver. It is a proposed art­-themed urban trail connecting paved walkways and bike paths through the Elyria ­Swansea and Park Hill neighborhoods, with a larger vision to expand through Denver. The trail will highlight the visionaries, artists, leaders, and community activists who have brought so much life to this unique and diverse neighborhood. The function of the trail is not merely connection; it will also celebrate creativity, featuring art to be commissioned by the community itself. This current RFP is one of several set to occur at varying sites along the trail. Neighbors are invited to weigh in on the visual direction of the art surrounding the trail. This will provide the community another amenity to appreciate the beauty of Elyria ­Swansea and Park Hill while connecting with neighbors and friends. The trail will provide the community additional platforms for events and activities, such as parades and group bicycle events. Additionally, the trail and its events will lead people directly to many of the small businesses of the area, boosting their visibility and patronage.

About Park Hill and Elyria ­Swansea
Both neighborhoods are pivotal communities in Denver’s history where many important events have occurred in the areas of diversity, civil rights, and urban development in the 20th century. People that utilize the trail will have the opportunity to engage with and share these histories while they walk, bike, or run the trail with wayfinding signs, landmarks, and historical story boards.

Artwork Parameters & Goals Location
The primary location(s) for the artwork is near or within the underpass where Colorado Blvd. crosses the A Line. This underpass is the connecting point to the 40th & Colorado Station for area residents. Applicants are encouraged to visit the site with the Project Team on either 4pm Tuesday, June 21st or 4pm Thursday June 23rd. The group will meet in the parking lot for the station on 42nd and Jackson St. Installations offering temporary lighting solutions and improved safety conditions are desired.

Specific Goals to be Achieved by the Artwork Selected
This is an opportunity to create a unique piece (or multiple pieces that work together) of public art that has several purposes and goals, as follows:

-Represents the UNIQUE IDENTITY of the surrounding two communities and their artistic, cultural, and/or historical heritage (of North Park Hill, to the east; and Elyria-Swansea, to the west).
-Creates a significant large splashy presence in the Station Area—particularly to announce to transit riders, pedestrians, local residents, and others visiting the area about the future 303 ArtWay ped/bike urban trail.
-A way to activate the underpass underneath Colorado Blvd—a vital connectivity pathway for residents living east of Colorado Blvd. seeking to access the new 40th & Colorado Commuter Rail Station.
-Public art that captivates the viewer, and in the process makes one feel safer within the underpass…and that even makes the underpass sidewalk a more inviting place in which to venture.
-Potentially adds a lighting (or reflectors or glow-in- the-dark or other similar) feature to the artwork that again, helps to make the underpass a safer place.
-Engages pedestrians, attracting them to the artwork, with the intention to entertain, contemplate, educate, amuse, etc.

Artwork Project Budget
As part of an artist’s submission, please include a breakdown of your budget including at minimum the following line-items:
-Artist Stipend/Fee (not more than 10-20% of total budget)
-Engineering (if applicable)
-Fabrication Costs
-Installation Costs

Materials & Media
This opportunity is open to all materials, with an emphasis on those that have impact beyond the artwork’s immediate footprint, engaging the sight of transit passengers and potentially drivers on Colorado Blvd. The work needs to be built to sustain its environment for roughly one year. The artist or artist team will need to consult with a Colorado engineer, Public Works, RTD, CDOT and Denver Risk and Safety, through the guidance of ULC and PlatteForum. Artists are encouraged to directly contact and work with the local area nonprofit; Colorado Construction Institute (ccidenver.org) for construction services related to building and installation of the proposed temporary art work.

Call for Artists: 40th & Colorado A-­Line Station Temporary Public Art Project
Applying for the Call

In order to be considered for this opportunity, the applicant must complete and submit the following to:
Rebecca Vaughan
 no later than 5:00 pm, Sunday, July 10th, 2016

  1. Contact information: Full name, mailing address, email and phone number.
  1. Statement on proposed project and goals (400 words max): Please describe how your project will engage the area as well as identifying your connection to the NE Park Hill and Elyria Swansea neighborhood(s).
  1. 6­-8 digital images, with corresponding slide list:

* Must include 3-­4 images of previous work

* Must include 3­-4 images of proposed concepts for 40th & Colorado station project

* individual image size should not exceed 1 MB

* Slide List should include: Artwork title, medium, year, location installed, commissioning agency

(if appropriate), and budget

  1. Draft Budget for Project Concept
  1. Timeline for completion, with final installation to occur in September/October 2016

Applicants are encouraged to visit the site with the Project Team on either 4pm Tuesday, June 21st or 4pm Thursday June 23rd. The group will meet in the station parking lot on 42nd and Jackson St.

Sites under consideration are: cinderblock/concrete walls on sides of bridge; wall next to path under bridge, illumination of dark wall/space in underpass; grassy slope adjacent; asphalt-covered slope, triangular gravel patch and more sites which will be discussed during the informational site visit.

SouthWestern side of 40th/CO bridge

Building/slope on SouthWestern side of 40th/CO bridge

Triangular gravel section between bike racks & bridge

Cinderblock/concrete wall of bridge