Summer 2016: Counter/Current

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ArtLab Summer 2016: Counter/Current

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Summer is officially here and PlatteForum’s ArtLab Interns have been working away in the studio under the theme Counter/Current. Counter/Current is about addressing social issues present in today’s conversations while embracing the tools used by sub/counter culture groups from 1960s to present day. Think; DIY, mix tapes, zines, posters, performances, spoken word poetry, staged interventions, punk, hip-hop, and beyond. This allows interns to analyze their surroundings through a historical perspective while contributing to contemporary discourse.

With Counter/Current we introduce and dive deeper into conversations around social movements past and present. This is done in hopes of revealing what practices and methods were/are most successful, how they contributed to change and where they failed. This perspective will empower them as individuals and bring light to how their actions and practice can bring about positive change in their communities. Summer 2016 is about empowering the teen voice, engaging in difficult conversations and growth through self and social reflection. ArtLab interns will be participating in two workshop series over the summer with lead artists, John Lake and Taylor Balkissoon their work will be on exhibit in early August. ArtLab Interns also participate in a weekly yoga practice with instructor Chris Tromley, explore cultural institutions and landmarks in Denver, and lead a literacy project with Colfax Community Network.

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