Graduation, Summer and ArtLab!

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PlatteForum is where creation, collaboration and connection live. It’s where at-risk youth collaborate with master artists from around the world to find hope and direction. It’s where our award-winning ArtLab programming provides an outlet for the inspiration, hard work and discipline of underserved high school students.

Summer break is when our time with the interns is most intense and impactful. By fostering involvement in real-life, socially relevant, art-based projects in partnership with professional artists and community partners, interns are given the personal, academic and workforce skills that lay the groundwork for their individual success.

Did you know that Platteforum’s ArtLab interns who complete the program graduate from high school at a staggering 99.97% rate – an achievement that easily eclipses the 77.3% rate achieved by Colorado students at large and the Denver Public Schools rate of 64.8%!

PlatteForum cannot achieve these results alone; we urgently need the support of members of the community like you. PlatteForum, our students and your community rely on the foresight and kindness of people like you to make programs like ArtLab a thriving reality. To support this amazing program, click here or hit the DONATE NOW button on your right. Thank you in advance for your generous donation to support PlatteForum’s ArtLab summer programming!

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Photo By: Michael Ensminger

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