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OPENING RECEPTION Thursday, July 16, 5:30 – 9pm
Exhibition continues through July 30

ArtLab’s summer session officially kicked off Monday, June 15. Since then we have viewed collections at the Museum of Contemporary Art, The Denver Art Museum, practiced yoga, and have learned many new techniques in studio sessions lead by Denver artist Mario Zoots. The 14 ArtLab interns are exploring the process of appropriation and reconstruction using collage methods, found objects and their imaginations. By investigating the realm between fine art and street art, ArtLab interns are¬†claiming their own space in the art world. Each intern has chosen materials and issues they feel connected to and building their own interpretations of reality.¬†Together they will exhibit their work on Thursday, July 16, 5:30 – 9pm here at PlatteForum. Mark your calendar and stay tuned for more information on ArtLab’s first exhibition of the summer titled, [IM]POSSIBILITY.

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