Judy Anderson Retires!

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Our Artistic/Founding Director Judy Anderson will retire from PlatteForum on June 1. And she is writing her own blog to say thanks to her colleagues who have make her experience at PlatteForum such an amazing feat.

“For the past twelve and a half years, it has been my honor to lead PlatteForum as the founder and artistic director. As I retire from PlatteForum, I am excited to return to my studio and projects that have been germinating the past few years. I am also excited about this new chapter at PlatteForum as we search for a new artistic director.”

In writing this I am reminded of a line from one of my husband Ron’s (Denver’s infamous film guru) favorite guilty pleasure movie Remember the Titans. In the movie, the star high school football player, Gerry, has just been paralyzed in a car accident a week before the state football finals. In the hospital, he is talking with his coach who is attempting to offer wisdom, contemplation and support. Gerry looks at the coach and says: “I’m paralyzed, not dead.”

Retirement has such an onerous sound to which I retort: “I am retired, not dead.” I plan on continuing to be one of PlatteForum’s strongest supporters and have so many people to thank and acknowledge for what we have accomplished. This includes the more than 80 resident artists (check out the Artist Residents) and thousands of youth (Learning Labs and ArtLab) who are showcased on the website, plus hundreds of artists, teachers, and community members who have volunteered their time at PlatteForum to make us the vital organization that we are. But the unsung heroes are the PlatteForum colleagues I have had the pleasure of working with who do not appear on the website. I present here a glimpse of the staff who have brought me and the community a richness of spirit, dedication and love.

To all the staff, board, artists, youth, volunteers, donors, organizations and individuals (even the Governor!) the last 13 years: thank you!