ArtLab Fall Wrap Up

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After wrapping up an intensive Summer session  ArtLab interns sat down with staff for an open discussion exploring the social issues which impact their generation the most. This discussion ­– which we refer to as “The Brain Extraction” – offers genuine insight from ArtLab’s perspective on issues of technology, communication, discrimination and other hot topics that they feel affect them personally and as a generation. From these discussions staff built a series of guest lectures, demos, and outings. These activities were the foundation for individually designed ‘zines.

What is a ‘zine you ask? Simply put a ‘zine is a small circulation self-published work of original or appropriated texts and images typically executed in a quick and dirty format using photocopy machines and low-cost printing. At the end of the fall session ArtLab interns presented their ‘zines along side of Ana Penalba’s exhibition opening in December. The ‘zines allowed interns to take a creative stance on social issues and express their views through commentary using images and text. Themes ranged from exploring addictions and beauty standards, to ocean life and climate change. In creating their ‘zines ArtLab interns were actively engaged in the process of research, documentation, investigation and creative problem solving, all of which have and will continue to aid in the development of remarkable work.

ArtLab zine construction

ArtLab zine construction


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