Support PlatteForum and Win a Ford Mustang!

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PlatteForum has teamed up with Concerts For Kids, a great local nonprofit that raises money to help kids and families around the Denver metro area succeed, in the A Million for What Matters game. From now through April 30, 2014, buy a ticket to enter for $10 from PlatteForum and guess the weight of the Austin Young Band including their instruments. If your guess comes the closest to the actual weight, you’ll win a brand-new Ford Mustang from Sill-TerHar Motors! The best part is: 100% of all ticket entries go directly to PlatteForum. Winners will be announced on May 24, 2014, at Denver Day of Rock. See complete contest rules and a video from Mayor Hancock about the contest below.

Check out Denver Mayor Michael Hancock speaking on the importance of A Million For What Matters!

The concept of A Million For What Matters is simple. You purchase a chance to guess in the form of a $10 ticket from PlatteForum and then enter your guess to the question: “How much does the Austin Young Band weigh, including the instruments and equipment shown in a given photograph, to one hundredth of a pound?”


Every ticket purchased buys one guess, and you can purchase multiple guesses by purchasing multiple tickets. By purchasing a ticket, you can show your support for PlatteForum AND have a chance to win a new car. The closest guess will take home a white 2014 Ford Mustang, generously donated by Sill-TerHar Motors, Inc. What makes A Million For What Matters so special is that PlatteForum gets to keep 100% of the proceeds from ticket sales!

Win a Mustang in a Million for What Matters from Concerts for Kids

View official contest rules here.