Literacy + ArtLab + Force Beacon

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Literacy + ArtLab + Force Beacon

During the 2013 Summer Intensive ArtLab Interns worked with students from Force Beacon Neighborhood Center (part of Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro Denver) on an arts and literacy mentoring collaboration. ArtLab designed and facilitated the project for fourteen Force Beacon students. The 3rd, 4th and 5th grade youth came to PlatteForum once a week for two hours. ArtLab Interns used the One Book One Denver youth book, “The Capitol Ghost Mystery,” by Michelle Barone, as the basis of their programming. Students read aloud during story time, played games like freeze dance and did various art projects. The project culminated with portraits based on one of the significant themes in the book. Each Force Beacon youth was paired with an ArtLab Intern and they painted each other’s portraits on canvas. The portraits with wild backgrounds of cityscapes, abstract expressions and symbols of the student’s lives filled the walls of PlatteForum. ArtLab Interns had a blast mentoring the youth through the sketching, drawing and painting process. Overall it was an incredible learning experience for the all of the students. ArtLab was able to understand all the hard work that goes into program planning, teaching and implementing workshops for eager students. Check out the slideshow for a peek at all the fun.